Season 1 Road Trip Version: Episodes 1-6

88 minutes

The first six episodes of season one.

Please be advised this episode contains content related to Hurricane Maria and a brief depiction of violence.

Series creator / writer / director / producer: Dania Ramos
Audio engineer / sound designer / producer: Michael Aquino

”In the Timestorm”; “So Long, and Thanks”; and additional music written & performed by Michael Aquino

Additional audio effects - &
Episode art layout: M. Aquino; art by Hispanic Legacy Studio

Leilany Figueroa as Alexa Ventura
Claudio Venancio as Beni Ventura
Walter F. Rodriguez as Ramiro Ventura
Jennica Carmona as Clara Ventura
Orlando Segarra as Lt. Horacio Méndez
Joseph Langham as Captain
Christine Mariani as Ms. Thompson
Jessica Bracken as Sonia
Frances Ramos as Janelly
Philipe AbiYouness as Thad
Alexis Pérez as Jaiden
Joel D. Arandia as Datu
Emily Smith as Weather Reporter
Amanda Faison as Betina
Ernio Hernández as Sports Reporter
Alexis Pérez as Román
J. F. Seary as Celestina Cordero
Alyssa Bracken as Patricia
Amanda Bracken as Marina
Carlos Ponton as Peña y Ruiz
Juan Cartagena as Rafael Cordero
Yadier Johnson as Alejandro
Alina Figueroa as Lena
Luis Figueroa as Jose Luis
Trevor Brown as Student
Edward Terhune as Fire Marshal
Additional roles: Jessica Bracken, Dania Ramos, Frances Ramos, Walter F. Rodriguez
Twitter & Instagram: @CocotazoMedia
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Equipment sponsor: 3DioSound
Series art: Hispanic Legacy Studio

Timestorm is produced by Cocotazo Media with support from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program. It is produced in Essex County, New Jersey, which is situated on the traditional territory of the Leni Lenape people.

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