Episode 11: What Is Missing?

17 minutes

When a spring thunderstorm approaches the city of Newark, the Ventura twins hope they’ll soon be heading back into the timestorm. But first, Beni and Janelly suspect there's something mysterious happening at Taíno Comics and Games.

Written and directed by Dania Ramos
Audio engineering, sound design, and music by Michael Aquino
Episode art layout: M. Aquino; original image: Pixabay / Prettysleepy

Leilany Figueroa as Alexa Ventura
Claudio Venancio as Beni Ventura
Orlando Segarra as Lt. Horacio Méndez
Alicia Rivas as Atabey
Frances Ramos as Janelly
Jessica Bracken as Sonia
Joel D. Arandia as Datu
Angelica Ubiera as Josie
Walter F. Rodriguez as Ramiro Ventura
Jennica Carmona as Clara Ventura
Keisha Dutes as Reannae
Amanda Faison as Betina
Jane Mandel as Angie
Tanya Pérez as Melissa
Trevor Brown, Florence Faison, Daniela Palacios as Gamers
Additional voice: Dania Ramos

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