Episode 1: The Storm

Alexa and Beni Ventura are yanked into a timestorm where they meet a distant cousin who gives them an extraordinary mission: travel through …

Episode 2: ...Will Change Everything

The Venturas learn their family in Puerto Rico will have to brace for a second hurricane in two weeks. Alexa researches about Horacio Méndez in an unlikely place.


Episode 3: Atabey

The twins return to the timestorm ready to join Horacio’s mission. They meet an incorporeal entity that helps them prepare for their first quest.

Written and …

Episode 4: La Maestra

In San Juan, 1838, Alexa and Beni must retrieve a plea for equality. They meet Maestra Celestina Cordero who is fighting for supplies for …

Episode 5: Torn

San Juan, 1838: The twins head to La Fortaleza to confront the Spanish guard officer who has stolen the plea for equality.


Episode 7: Broken

The Ventura twins travel to Ponce during the turn of the twentieth century to retrieve a broken promise. They meet future educator Lola …

Bonus: Consolación by Claudio Brindis de Salas

A behind-the-scenes episode about how the Timestorm team recorded violinist Aurora Méndez performing ”Consolación,” which was composed by …

Episode 9: Invisible

The Ventura twins travel to 1975 to find an invisible danger at the University of Puerto Rico. They meet Monsi Román, a primary school …

Bonus: The Heart of Newark

Sonia and Janelly perform in the Heart of Newark fundraiser at the Brick City Cafe. The emcee for the event is Josie Nevarez, the mysterious owner of Taíno Comics and Games.

Bonus: Actor Chat with Claudio and Leilany

A brief chat with cast members Claudio Venancio (Beni) and Leilany Figueroa (Alexa).

Audio engineering, sound design, and music by Michael Aquino
Episode art photo and design: M. …

Bonus: Announcements & Recap

Looking forward to season 2 and revisiting season 1.

Written by Dania Ramos and Andrew Siañez-De La O
Directed by Dania Ramos
Audio engineering, sound design, …

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