Listener Share-outs

Submit a share-out to be included in an episode!

We're seeking 30 to 60-second voice memos in one of the following categories:

  • ADVENTURE: Share a story about an adventure you had while traveling with your family
  • CULTURE: Share an interesting cultural tradition or fun fact about your heritage.
  • COMMUNITY: Share a time that you helped out with something in your community.
  • TIME-TRAVEL: Share where and when you'd want to time-travel to and why.

Please send voice memos to with the subject of SHARE-OUT: [Child’s name]. We recommend using free voice recording apps on mobile devices instead of video.

Here’s a script template: Hello. My name is [CHILD’S FIRST NAME]. I’m [AGE] years old and I live in [CITY, STATE, or COUNTRY]. For my [ADVENTURE / CULTURE / COMMUNITY / TIME-TRAVEL] Share-out, I want to share…

We can’t wait to hear about everyone’s adventures!

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